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Good riddance Evilly TKO.

Jun Itabashi A little riff sort of fencing. And all I meant was to be a nice diabetic Amp to somebody else. Do I need this? Nah. —— Timely quote stolen from Danny Garcia. Dude, you’re something. ——— Emily TK O’Meara mentioned you in a comment. Emily wrote: “lol Jun Itabashi- K4 is the activity […]

A photo is worth a thousand words…

The road I gotta deal with twice or more times a day when I have to reach the building seen in the end. KDS Driving school is a real sham and that goes for the road I gotta deal with on my wheelchair for the past six months. Not surprised that 81 year old woman […]


Simply put, these aren’t teenagers and these are part of the praetorian guard that look down on many of us at the same bootcamp I had the bad luck to be assigned just after I got out of hospital. That Flickr self acclaimed photographer got many of his photos wrongly tagged causing the wrong impression […]

Amputee Rhapsody

The very same “Prothesis Support Center” and the chief prosthetist (Fumiyo Usui) that has let me down since I’m not easy to bend and do not intend to join the praetorian elite team “Health Angels”. All I got left after nearly six years after amputation is a cumbersome painful all plastic socket and a form […]


A blog for amputees to express their difficulties, hopes and happiness. All year round. Discuss your gripes, grievances, problems and the mountains you have to climb everyday.