Amputee Coalition of America post.

Took mine nearly a month for the swelling to subside.
I guess humidity doesn’t help either. Wish your hubby all the best of luck and swift recovery

Amputee Coalition of America


Kimberly wroteSwelling – a week and a 1/2 post op for above-knee amputation for my husband (former bka)..the past 3 days have had some heavy humidity here in Maine. Just curious as to what would be a ‘normal’ amount of swelling after having an above knee amp. procedure. The residual limb is still looking like it did upon discharge from hospital (size-wise). We’ve no idea how long to expect swelling to continue. He is also icing periodically through-out the day/night and his pain level really has not subsided at all since discharge. We see the surgeon for his post-op check in 3 days. ty in advance.

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