Good riddance Evilly TKO.

Jun Itabashi A little riff sort of fencing. And all I meant was to be a nice diabetic Amp to somebody else. Do I need this? Nah. —— Timely quote stolen from Danny Garcia. Dude, you’re something. ——— Emily TK O’Meara mentioned you in a comment. Emily wrote: “lol Jun Itabashi- K4 is the activity […]

Amputee Coalition of America post.

Took mine nearly a month for the swelling to subside. I guess humidity doesn’t help either. Wish your hubby all the best of luck and swift recovery Amputee Coalition of America Kimberly wrote— Swelling – a week and a 1/2 post op for above-knee amputation for my husband (former bka)..the past 3 days have had […]

Amp humor par excellence

Amp humor par excellence ” Melanie Ross Congrats! Ehm, but the writer in me is cringing a bit: the amputation took place on the childhood pool? ;->” Timeline Photos Robin emailed– First swim since amputation in childhood pool. By: Amputee Coalition of America

A photo is worth a thousand words…

The road I gotta deal with twice or more times a day when I have to reach the building seen in the end. KDS Driving school is a real sham and that goes for the road I gotta deal with on my wheelchair for the past six months. Not surprised that 81 year old woman […]